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With a brand new, hotly anticipated Star Trek film opening tonight in
theaters across North America, you'd be hard pressed to try and walk 3
feet without seeing an advertisment for the film or hearing about it
on tv, radio, the web or from someone else nearby. Star Trek seems to
be on the minds of many these days, including WHITE WIZZARD mainman,
Jon Leon, who says; "I enjoy Star Trek, but I wouldn't call myself a
hardcore Trekkie like those guys in the documentary. I love the show
though and thrilled to see if the movie is as good as people say it is."

However, Star Trek caused an unexpected consequence for the band last
weekend while attempting to complete a photo shoot. "So I'm sitting in
traffic checking the email on my phone;" says the WHITE WIZZARD
bassist, Leon. "No one (in the band) had heard back from the guy yet
and we were all scrambling to get to the meeting spot with a bit less
than hour to go to the time we'd decided to meet. I'm glad I checked
my phone when I did because I saw that he e-mailed me at the last
minute and said that he totally forgot that he had to go shoot the
Star Trek premiere at Mann's Theatre and that we had to cancel our

Needless to say, any normal person would be upset in such a situation,
but Jon kept his composure and made sure that they got the
photographer out to shoot them in the end. As Jon positively states;
"We did the best we could with what little time we had. No time for
wardrobe changes, but the guy got some good shots for us." In the end
it was win-win for the lively traditional metal heroes. They came away
from what could have been a very frustrating situation with cool
shots...and ice cream? "The guy was very apologetic for what went down
and bought us some ice cream. He told us how he couldn't miss the
shooting the Star Trek premiere for anything since he was a (self-
proclaimed) heavy Trekkie. On his way out, he even gave us Spock's
patented "live long and prosper" hand signal."

EARACHE's newest signings, WHITE WIZZARD formed in 2007 and shortly
afterwards recorded their HIGH SPEED GTO demo, which only made it into
the hands of a few select fans. Following a brief period of
inactivity, the demo fell into the hands of Earache Records and the
"High Speed GTO" song was included on HEAVY METAL KILLERS, a
compilation featuring 13 tracks from the best new
traditional-sounding heavy metal bands. The band have since regrouped
around band leader JON LEON with a new line-up. Earache is set to
release the HIGH SPEED GTO tracks as a mini-album this Summer, with
the band
working towards a full album due later in the year.

Check out WHITE WIZZARD's video for the track "High Speed GTO" at

WHITE WIZZARD's 2009 debut is driven by catchy riffs that aim straight
for the hips and the heart. The band is lighter than the norm -
there's a
nimbleness to the WHITE WIZZARD attack and genuine commercial hooks race
through all seven songs on the HIGH SPEED GTO mini-album.

For the latest dates and a sneak peek at what WHITE WIZZARD has in
store in 2009, go to

Catch WHITE WIZZARD on these dates:

Apr 17 2009
TARZANA, California

May 8 2009
SACRAMENTO, California

May 9 2009

WHITE WIZZARD was also just added to the lineup of next year's Keep It
True XIII festival. Visit
for more info.

Anchor of WBZC's Shader Radio recently spent some time getting to know
Jon Leon, bassist of LA's high energy NWOBHM-influenced metallers,
WHITE WIZZARD. In this 10 minute interview, Leon outlines the bigger
points of the band's history and beyond. From the making of the
devilishly fun "High Speed GTO" video to the lineup changes that
helped to improve the band, it's all covered here.

Anchor's interview with WHITE WIZZARD bassist, Jon Leon can be
downloaded here:

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